Propertymart inspires audacious thinking on home ownership with Citiview Estate, others

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Propertymart inspires audacious thinking on home ownership with Citiview Estate, others

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Though a very critical need of man, ranked second after food, shelter and its ownership remain a tall dream for many Nigerians such that, despite the slowdown in the economy, the rental market is still active while sales market is struggling, especially at the high end.

Worried about this and convinced that home ownership is no rocket science or an impossibility for Nigerians, Propertymart Real Estate Investment was set up about eight years ago to offer solutions.

The company is motivated by Abraham Maslow’s categorization of man’s needs under five broad categories including psychological needs, safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization.  But to underscore how important shelter is to man; Maslow categorized man’s need for shelter as psychological and driven by a sense of safety and security.

In Nigeria, housing deficit is in excess of 17 million units due to a combination of factors such as lack of proper development planning, lack of prioritization of housing by past administrations in the country amongst other factors. This deficit has been further aggravated by low financial support for the housing sector, that is, to developers and home buyers as mortgages which are difficult to secure in Nigeria.

In response to these and other constraints in the housing sector, Propertymart  started with a bold vision to make a difference in the real estate sector by providing creative solutions for home and land ownership and this is why keen watchers of the real estate sector see the company as one that has metamorphose from just an idea into a real home ownership solutions provider.

Though doing business in a challenging environment, owners of this company decided from inception to assemble a team of best-in-class professionals, local and expatriate, who have had stints with international construction companies such as Cubic Contractors and PW Group.

The company’s commitment to quality and creativity has made it partner with industry leaders in the construction sector, notable amongst which are Play in Architecture, PW Group and Comprehensive Project Management Services who manage all the company’s on-going projects.

Propertymart quality signature is evident across all its estates either already completed or currently being built across places like Magodo, Lekki-Ajah and Arepo and same with the ones in Lokogoma and Lifecamp.

The company’s ongoing project at Citiview Arepo is seen by industry watchers as, perhaps, the largest estate sitting on several hectares of land. A visit to the Arepo site leaves the visitor with the conclusion that the houses are masterfully crafted with an indelible signature of style.

Deji Fasunwon, Deputy Managing Director of Propertymart would however tell his audience that the journey to where they are presently, has not been easy, explaining that doing business in the Nigerian real estate sector comes with its own peculiar challenges.

“Propertymart has gone through a learning curve over the years but has learnt how to tackle these challenges with contractors, adverse claimant amongst other issues. The lessons we have learnt have made us more resolute and engage best of breed experts for all aspects of our projects in a bid to ensure that we deliver to our numerous customers who have been the backbone of the company, through their support and belief in us over the years,”, he said.

Continuing, Fasunwon  assured, “we are committed to being outstanding in our home delivery solutions beginning from the architectural splendor to the estate layout and the multi-faceted amenities that make you look forward to going home every day. This is what we have done without losing focus on the housing needs of the different members of the various socio economic classes in Nigeria. This is our own modest way of helping to fill the housing demand-supply gap in Nigeria”.

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