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HOME!  They say is a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Home in Spanish – Casa, German – Zuhause. French – Domicile

The desire to buy a home is more often than not a well thought through process involving planning and decision making. Impulse buying for the discerning customer is totally ruled out whether you are a first time home buyer or a repeat buyer.

Home ownership is centered on Finance and Emotion, for some the neighborhood takes precedence, others it’s just having a Home that matters while others require serenity.

With all these emotional attachments, finance becomes a more determining  factor because you might find a perfect home that is above your budget this is where you have to make some compromises which involves you looking inward and asking yourself these questions.

Why do I want to buy a home and move from this neighborhood where I have already made friends genuinely or for a reason?

Do I want to live here for the next 5 years or more?

Does my values have a link with this neighbourhood etc.?

This is where the emotional part of the decision comes into play, and you think stability. However, the more you understand your need for a home the easier it will be to make the right decision financially and emotionally.

Purchasing a Home is a lifestyle choice that requires a high degree of emotion, your values system, who you are, how you want to live and the type of community you want to be associated with. These are backed with the zeal to compromise. Your thought process says:


  • I want to live in an area without close making neighbors
  • I want to live within a planned community with recreational amenities
  • I want to live in a serviced apartment
  • I want to live in a high rise building


Owing a home empowers you to do more for your family as you no longer pay rent but building equity for your home especially when you decision is centered mostly on ‘’B’ . You decorate as you please without seeking the landlord’s approval, you organize a barbecue party when your heart is merry without fear of him increasing rent, believing you must have hit a jackpot to throw such a party. You don’t have to travel in traffic to get your kids to school /hospital, pay through your nose to keep fit, a hole in your pocket to belong to a club nor be patronizing so you can enjoy your neighbors gleaming pool etc.


The more you understand your priorities for a home, the easier it will be for you to narrow your real estate decisions.


How empowered are you to own a home?

Your dream home must have a Jacuzzi, 6 rooms en-suite, 3 living rooms gleaming pool, Tiger wood designed golf course etc.  but your finance for now looks deem, you can still own a home in a planned community with recreational amenities  the moment you earn your first pay check.

How you say?

I will tell you


Pick up any Propertymart Flyer and take a close look at the payment plan, closer look at your pay cheque and a peep at your bank supportive system then ask yourself

What can I afford and what is the Quality?


Set a budget to know in details the cost and what you have to cough out monthly if you can’t afford an outright purchase, the Better Business Bureau says, “A budget will provide you with a roadmap to financial security’’

You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on shanties neither do you want to spend all your reserves on repairs.  I don’t think so. You should be thinking of the future and how to increase your investment in properties and other viable areas as well.


Once you have thought through the emotional and financial aspect, your next action should be an environmental scan of the area of interest if it is off plan and a walk – through of the house if already built or inspection of already previously delivered houses on the developer’s portfolio of properties. Then ensure a positive thick on the under listed:

1     Payment Plan ( you must have reserve after the monthly deduction)

2     Credibility of the developer

3     Quality of the building

4     Materials used

5     Security

6     Amenities

7     Accessibility

8     Delivery etc.

At Propertymart we give you homes not shanties

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